Quality Dairy Co.

  1. Quality Dairy Co. Reviews

    East Lansing
    808 E. Michigan
    Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

    Review by John L.
    This is a good place to stock up on beer and liquor when visiting Michigan State.

    .39 total for booze.

    Sub total: .36

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    Tax (TOTAL): .13

    Rating: 4

    Review by Bill S.
    .09 for ice cream cone. 29 cents for a cookie. .00 for apple cider. ETC. This is a great store for everything you need. Friendly staff. Close to MSU.
    Rating: 5

  2. Claras Lansing Station Reviews

    637 E Michigan Ave
    Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (30 Reviews)

    Review by Zoey R.
    The decore is beautiful. The food is pretty good. Great selection of drinks. The only negative thing is the staff. They are not very attentive.
    Rating: 4

    Review by Diedra S.
    This place is such a joke.

    As mentioned in previous reviews, the building and decor are gorgeous. This is really the only reason Im giving this place any…
    Rating: 1

    Review by Agnes L.
    Love the look-
    This charming, historic train depot-turned-restaurant is all about the atmosphere. I absolutely adore dining here at night and especially…
    Rating: 3

  3. S R P Management Reviews

    East Lansing
    1037 E Grand River Ave
    Average Rating: 1 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

    Review by Tory P.
    I rented 111 Oakhill Ave. The house is really small and mine is the smallest room in the house. There is no closet, there is only room for my full bed and…
    Rating: 1

    Review by BRIANA H.
    do not rent from them. terrible individuals, who charge you for everything including 60 bucks just to put batteries into your fire detector. when you…
    Rating: 1

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